Vietnam Exponential Growth
From 2017-2019, Vietnam’s annual GDP growth had exceeded 6.8%, was the fastest growing economies in ASEAN and is believed to be so even after the pandemic.
Foreign Direct Investment
Vietnam has become a highly attractive market for foreign investment. In the beginning of 2019, Vietnam’s FDI inflows reach over US$26 billion, a 3.1% increase from 2018.
Industry Transformation Opportunities
With more foreign investment, major transformation in key industries like engineering, technology, communications, design, hospitality, finance and tourism will present tremendous career opportunities.
Higher Skills Requirement
The demand for skilled labor is rising with industry transformation. However, the shortage of quality employees is one of Vietnam’s biggest challenges at the moment.
Strategic Investment
Being prepared from young would definitely have an added advantage.Quality education is therefore a strategic investment to meet human resource development needs.
Regional Brand Consultant
Ingrid is the regional brand consultant and representative for several Singapore education institutes,assisting them with their overseas expansion.
Cross Border Learning Network
EHD is a cross border learning network by Ingrid to seek collaboration between learning institutes from Vietnam and Singapore to provide multiple pathways for learners’ professional career developments.
Global Learning Hub
Singapore is recognized worldwide for its safe, multiracial, multicultural and internationally-accredited learning environment. Over the years, many MNCs had set up their Asia headquarters and R&D operations in Singapore providing a dynamic business learning environment.
Quality and Worldwide Recognition
Ingrid represents Singapore education institutes who have EduTrust certification to ensure high education quality standards for students. Their curriculums are academically accredited by renowned universities from the UK, France and USA, are industry-based, innovative and current.
Industry Support and Development
These institutes are supported by a strong network of industry bodies with various career opportunities for their learners’ post-graduation.
  Ingrid International Education & HR Development (EHD) aims to equip the workforce with relevant, practical industry skills and knowledge to meet the human resource needs from foreign companies setting up operations.  
  The overall strategy of EHD is to focus on:  


  SDH CFS is among the first programs which Ingrid EHD is launching. This programs is a collaboration between Singapore SDH and Vietnam Qesson International to provide a practical and multiple learning pathways for students organised by the best educators from both organisations. It provides vast learning and development opportunities for those who aspire to develop an exciting career in the fast growing hospitality industry. For more details please contact us.  


Leveraging on our regional consultancy experiences and creative track records, Ingrid is a leading One Stop Cross Border Brand and Marketing Solutions Provider. Our services include:


• Market Research
• Business Matching
• Collaboration Agreement
• Product/Market Strategy


• Brand Identity
• Marketing Campaign & PR
• Marketing Materials Design
• Content & Digital Marketing
• Web Design & Social Media


• Brand Owner Strategy
• Marketing Organisation
• Channel Management
• Operations & Distribution
Over 20 years we have served a wide range of multinational corporations from healthcare, education, retail, real estate, FMCG, as well as government linked organizations and SMEs expanding regionally. These include: Sentosa Develop- ment, Housing Development Board, Mass Rapid Transit, Pokka Corporation, Maple Tree, Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Boeh- ringer, Merck, Santen, CapitaLand Malls, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Law Society, Nanyang Technological University, CDL, Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Ascott, and all major hospitals in Singapore. In China, Ingrid has provided services to Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Chengdu Real Estate Authority. Ingrid has also assisted Singapore companies in listing in SGX.
Established in Singapore since 1998, Ingrid Group now operates from 4 companies and strategic regional partners:
• Ingrid International (Singapore)
• Ingrid Design (Singapore)
• Ingrid Consultancy (Chengdu, China)
• Ingrid Branding and Investment (Hanoi, Vietnam)
• Strategic partners in Korea, Japan and Indonesia
  If you are interested our services, please let us know by filling the chart below:  
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