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CEO Cross-Border Business Innovation Network Together We RAISE REGISTER

CEOs need to learn, network and grow their regional business in this fast changing and competitive global-connect digital age.

Ingrid’s RAISE programme is specially designed to meet such needs.

    1. R
    2. Review Diary

      Equip the CEOs with an effective and simple-to-use exclusive CEO Business Planning Software Diary developed by Ingrid to assist them to define CEO Key Agenda for the year. Please click here to register

    1. A
    2. Advisory Board

      Provide an advisory board to assist in areas requiring expert views on topics such as IP, Brand Architecture for New Product, Investor Relations and Pre IPO Preparation for CEOs.

    1. I
    2. Integrated Communications System

      Provide the CEOs an integrated communications and marketing software-aided system developed by Ingrid for effective management of the marketing and sale programmes. Please click here to register

    1. S
    2. Seek Learning

      Assist in grouping the CEOs in learning circle with those from other countries to understand and acquire cross-cultural knowledge on management practices.

    1. E
    2. Expand Overseas

      Provide the CEOs with opportunities for network and collaborations through programmes and activities conducted by Creative and Innovation Cross-Border Business Centre.

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